PSL Schedule 2020 With PSL 5 Timetable

PSL 5 Schedule PSL stands for Pakistan Series is a T20 cricket match series played between the Pakistani teams that have been increased to 6. As at the time of starting, there were five teams. After the successful four series of Pakistan super league, the PSL 5 of 2020 is going to start.befre it matches were played only in UAE, and PSL 4 was played in UAE, and the last few games were held in Karachi.

PSL matches are performed according to the schedule planned before the starting of PSL.PSL is scheduled from 22 February to 20 March, but the match fixtures and dates are not announced. As PSL 4 was started from 14 February and last up to 17 March.the the whole schedule was planned, and hen matches were played according to that PSL scheduled date and time.

PSL 5 Schedule
PSL 5 Schedule 2020

PSL 5 Schedule is also going to helps you by giving a brief table of all matches date and time.PSL 5 schedule is yet not confirmed and announced, but we will provide you soon with the schedule of PSL.So if you are interested in a PSL cricket tournament, then keep visiting this site as the updates related to the PSL schedule 2020 will be shared here and check PSL 5 Opening Ceremony.

PSL matches schedule 2020

Are you Excited for PSL 5! Then get ready time is going to over, and PSL is starting with the grand opening ceremony. The different owners own six PSL teams that will play matches. These six teams include Lahore Qalanders, Islamabad United, Karachi Kings, Peshawar Zalmi, Quetta Gladiators, and Multan Sultan.

The matches of these teams will be played between February and March. The matches on different dates will be played between 2 different teams. And there will be a total of 34 Matches. Every team will play with another team twice before going to the next steps of semi-finals and final of PSL 5. Proper planning is required for a rhythmic series. A Schedule of Matches is prepared for the teams on a specific date and time. You can also get the PSL 5 matches schedule.

So get ready for booking your seats in the stadiums for live streaming of PSL 5. Synchronize your routines with the PSL 5 Schedule. So you can enjoy the PSL 5 and can have an incredible tenure of cheers and supporting your favorite team and players.PSL matches schedule of 2020 will be shared soon. And it will be updated soon after its announcement.

14th FebruaryThursdayIslamabad United VS Lahore QalandarsDubai
15th FebruaryFridayMultan Sultans Vs Karachi KingsDubai
15th FebruaryFridayPeshawar Zalmi Vs Quetta GladiatorsDubai
16th FebruarySaturdayIslamabad United VS Multan SultansDubai
16th FebruarySaturdayLahore Qalandars Vs Karachi KingsDubai
17th FebruarySundayIslamabad United Vs Quetta GladiatorsDubai
17th FebruarySundayPeshawar Zalmi Vs Lahore QalandarsDubai
20th FebruaryWednesdayQuetta Gldiators Vs Multan SultansSharjah
21st FebruaryThursdayPeshawar Zalmi Vs Karachi KingsSharjah
22nd FebruaryFridayMultan Sultans Vs Lahore QalandarsSharjah
23rd FebruarySaturdayQuetta Gladiators Vs Lahore QalandarsSharjah
23rd FebruarySaturdayIslamabad United V Karachi KingsSharjah
24th FebruarySundayMultan Sultans v Peshawar ZalmiSharjah
24th FebruarySundayQuetta Gladiators V Karachi KingsSharjah
26th FebruaryTuesdayMultan Sultans V Islamabad UnitedDubai
27th FebruaryWednesdayLahore Qalandars V Quetta GladiatorsDubai
27th FebruaryWednesdayIslamabad United VS Multan SultansDubai
28th FebruaryThursdayMultan Sultans Vs Pehwar ZalmiDubai
28th FebruaryThursdayKarachi Kings V Lahore QalandarsDubai
1st MarchFridayPeshwar Zalmi Vs Islamabad UnitedDubai
1st MarchFridayMultan Sultans V Quetta GladiatorsDubai
4th MarchMondayQuetta Gldaitors V Peshawar ZalmiAbu Dhabi
4th MarchMondayKarachi Kings V Multan SultansAbu Dhabi
5th MarchTuesdayLahore Qalandars V Islamabad UnitedAbu Dhabi
5th MarchTuesdayQuetta Gladiators V Islamabad UnitedAbu Dhabi
7th MarchThursdayKarachi Kings V Peshawar ZalmiKarachi
9th MarchSaturdayLahore Qalandars V Islamabad UnitedLahore
10th MarchSundayKarachi Kings V Quetta GladiatorsKarachi
10th MarchSundayLahore Qalandars V Multan SultansLahore
12th MarchTuesdayEliminator 1, 3 v 4Lahore
13th MarchWednesdayQuailifer 1, 3 V 4Karachi
15th MarchFridayEliminator 2Karachi
17th MarchSundayFinalKarachi

PSL 2020 schedule and teams players

If you want to know any information or update, then only visit our webpage. We are here to inform you all about PSL, and now specifically PSL 5 of can find the PSL opening ceremony, PSL teams, PSL 5 schedules, and players .and much more about the point table and elimination of teams and champion of this league.

PSL Schedule and team players of 2020 will be updated here soon. So keep visiting this webpage for more related information.schedule and players of the team are under process and will be revealed on 20 Nov 2019.PSL has its own value and glamour, so people get excited about it. And search for their favorite players and abut the players added to their favorite and loved teams. Supporting the players and teams add a thrill and wonder in them. Matches are held on different dates according to the PSL 5 schedules 2020.

The owners select team players, and they pay to them for players are owned in high-value costs according to their demand.PSL is wholly going to be conducted in Pakistan, so the excitement of Pakistanis are on the extreme. So get connected with us for updates about the PSL 5 schedule and PSL 5 Players of 2020.

Pakistan PSL 5 schedule

A piece of happy news for all the Pakistanis and cricket lovers that PSL will be conducted entirely in Pakistan As said by the chairman of Pakistan cricket board. And Prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan also announced that PSL 5 would be conducted entirely in Pakistan.

So this schedule of PSL 5 will be according to Pakistan’s time.PSL 5 schedule 2020 will elaborate on competing teams, date of the match, and time of Match. Pakistan super league is a T20 cricket tournament with double round-robin and playoffs cricket format. Matches of PSL 5 will be played according to the Pakistan PSL 5 schedule that is sponsorship by the Habib bank limited (HBL), which will show the 34 matches arrangement when and where the match will be played.

Among 34 matches of PSL, these will be hosted in four big cities of Pakistan, having the national and international stadiums with a high capacity of audience. That is Arranged according to the affordability of the people. And costs range from 500 to 10000.more special the seat you will reserve higher you will be charged. But the cricket lovers get excited for the PSL matches and Pakistan PSL 5 schedule of 2020 that will be played fully in Pakistan.

HBL PSL 2020 schedule

The Pakistan cricket board established Pakistan super league (PSL). And it is sponsorship by the Babib Bank Limiter (HBL) Pakistan. The schedule of PSL going to release soon by the officials of PSL by the Pakistan cricket board. As it is going to be conducted in Pakistan with the counter option of UAE if needed. So Pakistan’s four big cities are willing to host it. These four honored cities include Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan.

PSL 5 Matches Lahore Schedule Consists of the matches of PSL 5 schedule of 2020 that will be played among the teams of PSL.Out of a total of 34 matches, Lahore will host 13 games. And these 13 matches will be played in Qadaffi stadium Lahore. And according to PSL 5 matches schedule Karachi, the matches hosted by the Karachi will be 9 in number, including the opening ceremony of PSL 5 of 2020.

and this will be conducted in National cricket stadium Karachi. After these two big cities, 9 matches will be played in the stadium of Rawalpindi, and 4 will be played in the stadium of Multan. People of these cities are ready and excited to host the PSL in their cities with glamour and prestige. People of these cities are happy enough to watch the cricket matches of PSL 5 and to support their favorite teams. They are waiting for the matches of PSL to be hosted in their cities according to the Schedule of PSL 5 that will be conducted in 2020.

Probably at the start of 2020, PSL will start as PSL 5 schedule, and teams are categorized and formed these days. The preparation of holding PSL entirely in Pakistan in on its peak.therse is the hugely positive response of conducting PSL 5 by HBL in Pakistan and surely will have incredible feedback after the tournament.

PSL 5 eliminator schedule

When the PSL matches are played among different teams. Where a team wins, the 2nd lost this match. Sometimes the matches end due to rainfall or something this way the distribution of points among the teams goes on. And a point table is formed that shows the overall performance of all the teams. And teams with the best performance moved to the semi-final and final portion.

In this way, PSL teams with poor performance eliminate. The schedule of everything is formed and showed. Explore the PSL schedule 2020 point table. So the PSL eliminator schedule of 2020 can be searched and found from here.AS we will share each and everything about the PSL 5 of 2020.PSL schedule of Semi-finals can also be explored from here. To get updated and information regarding the Pakitan super league 2020 PSL 5, stay connected with us.and get the eliminator schedule of PSL 5 and semi-final schedule of PSL 5.

And also get information about the PSL 5 fixtures, schedule and teams eliminated. Stay alert with teams having high scores and moving towards the semi-finals and finals .we will keep sharing the schedule of semi-finals of PSL 5 and schedule of PSL 2020 final matches.and find the information about the PSL 5 regarding your interested want.

PSL 2020 schedule download

Pakistan super league (PSL) 5 is going to announce its team players and schedule of PSL 5 showing the PSL fixtures with time and date. So yu can get the PSL schedule and easily download the PSL 5 matches schedule.PSL 5 schedules can be downloaded from here, and you can also get it from the official website of PSL.explore the PSL 5 schedules 2020 time table download and obtain the pl 5 schedules in your device picture gallery you can share it with your friends.

PSL schedule 2020 time table download will help you to have information about the conducting of matches and venues even if you are offline. So enjoy the opportunity of getting each information about the PSL can search all about PSL 2020 here and keep yourself updated and enjoy the PSL 5 cricket tournament. Also, search for the PSL schedule 2020 time, match schedule of PSL 2020 for getting information about the PSL Cricket tournament of 2020. Keep visiting our webpage for the latest information, schedules, point table, and all the PSL 5 regarding information of 2020.

Pakistan Super League 2020 Complete Schedule, Venue, Fixture And Timetable (Youtube Video)

People also ask FAQs

How many games are played in PSL 2020?

In PSL 2020, 34 games will be played in the different cities of Pakistan, and the various cities host the number of matches that vary in number.

Which cities will host the PSL matches?

The PSL cricket tournament will be played and held in fur different cities of Pakistan. Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and multan will host the PSL 5 matches.karachi will host 9matches where Lahore, Rawalpindi, and multan will host 13,9 and 4 matches respectively.

What is the schedule of PSL 2020?

The PSL 5 will start at the beginning of 2020. The PSL 5 is scheduled from 22 February to 20 March 2020.  The whole schedule is yet to announced.

Where is the PSL will be played?

The Prime minister has announced to hold the whole PSL 5 tournament entirely in Pakitan and chairman of Pakistan cricket board has expressed his desire to conduct the PSL 2020 in Pakistan. So PSL 5 will be held in Pakistan with a counter option of UAE.

What is the PSL 5 match format?

PSL is played with a t20 cricket format where double round-robin and playoffs are the PSL’s tournament format. 

PSL 5 Schedule 2020 | Pakistan Super League Fixtures 2020
PSL Schedule 2020 With PSL 5 Timetable 1

PSL 5 Schedule PSL stands for Pakistan Series is a T20 cricket match series played between the Pakistani teams that have been increased to 6. As


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