Pakistan Cricket Board founded PSL  (Pakistan super league 2020) on 9 September 2015 in Lahore. PSL is a twenty20 cricket league that starts operating with five teams. Now there are six teams, and the different Investors own each team. All the Cricket lovers are waiting anxiously for the fifth(5th) series of PSLPakistan series league five is scheduled from 20 February 2020 to 22 March 2020.

Pakistan Super League 2020 (Psl 5)

Pakistan Super League 2020 (Psl 5)

Pakistan Super League 2020 (Psl)

The series played a role in promoting Cricket once again in the country and successfully achieved the goal as it was banned after the terrorist attack on the bus of Sri Lanka’s team. But now it is tried best to keep the security risks under control Chairman of Pakistan’s Cricket Board “Ehsan Mani “expressed his desire to host the whole season 5 of PSL in the country.

So get ready for the upcoming series of PSL as Prime Minister of Pakistan “Imran Khan” has announced that all the 5th series will be held in Pakistan. Four major cities are selected that will host the PSL 5 cricket games.the whole span o the tournament is comprised of 34 games. Out of which Lahore will host 13, Karachi will host nine games, Rawalpindi 9 and multan will host the 4 games of Pakistan Super league 2020.

PSL 5 Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony of Pakistan Super league 2020 (PSL) is going to be held in Karachi at National Stadium. Whereas the final of PSL 5 will be played in Lahore at Qadaffi stadium. Ceremony ever starts with the National Anthem.PSL ceremony is held at a specific time and location and inaugurated by the celebrities, and the singers and other actors add enjoyment. To bring the international Cricket back home, PSL is playing a very crucial role.

Hosting the PSL 5 in the country will result in a thrill and cheers for Cricket. And we will get rid of empty grounds in the UAE. In the last years, the PSL started and tournaments held in UAE, and then the Grand opening ceremonies held in UAE and matches started playing in Pakistan. And now hopefully the whole 5th season will take place in the home country. And the Opening ceremony will be enjoyed.

It will greatly celebrate in National Stadium Karachi, will be informed with all the latest news about the PSL grand opening ceremony and all about the celebrities arriving and much more. The opening ceremony is wonderfully celebrated, and a lot of people from far off places join it and cheer their teams. 

PSL 5 teams

On-time of Pakistan Super League 2020 foundation, it was comprised of 5 teams, and now there are six teams in the Pakistan super league 2020. And the 6th one team Multan Sultan formed in 2017. Now Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalanders, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators, Peshawar Zalmi, and Multan Sultan are the PSL teams owned by the investors and each Investor control a franchise. Teams are nominated in the name of big cities.

  1. peshawar zalmi
  2. lahore qalandars
  3. multan sultans
  4. karachi kings
  5. quetta gladiators
  6. islamabad united

National and International Players are added. And a complete cooperative team builds that is very necessary for the excellent working of a team. The names of players added in the PSL 2020 team will be shared soon here with all the details. As all the audience is excited about their favorite teams and players. Many remember able moments of happiness pass by the cheering up the favorite teams and enjoying.

PSL 5 teams 2020

PSL 5 teams

So get ready for the PSL season 5 and keep visiting the website for the names of players added to your favorite teams and much more about the game’s hosting. Book your tickets and reserve your seats first for more fun and entertainment. 

PSL 5 live streaming 

Pakistan super league 2020 season five is going to start, and people are excited about cricket matches. And at the time of the game starts, people switch on the TV and search for the PSL cricket match. People in family and friends arrange a gathering to enjoy cricket. Many channels and websites show PSL live streaming.

PSL Season 5 Cricket Live streaming 2020 will be available for you on this website that you can watch and enjoy.we will keep you updated with the upcoming match events. And much more about players and news.other channels and website that shows the live streaming of PSL are PTV Sports, Ten Sports, Geo Super and Hum Masala Live in Pakistan. And eLife in UAE, DJ Sport in India, Dialog TV in Sri Lanka, Willow TV in the  USA and Canada, Gazi TV in Bangladesh, Flow TV in West Indies, Supersport in South Africa, Yup TV in North Africa, Channel 44 in Australia and for Pakistanis and for International viewers.

These channels will hopefully show the PSL live streaming on their channels in the respective countries. So it is straightforward to get access to a Live cricket game while sitting in the room via TV cables and the Internet. So look for these channels and website and enjoy the live cricket matches of Pakistan Super league 2020 season 5.

PSL 5 Highlights

As Pakistan Super League 2020 is coming and people are excited and joyed about the tournament. But sometimes the match timings don’t suit everyone, and some miss the cricket game. Get highlights of PSL season 5 here and enjoy the matches you missed. You will be able to get all the highlights of 34 matches that will be hosted by the four different big cities of the of all the games will be here on our website.

So don’t worry if you miss watching the cricket match of PSL season five.and get any match any time on our webpage after it is conducted. And enjoy the best facility of getting any highlights.just search for the highlights of PSL and get your desired matches here and enjoy it with your friends and have great fun. Write the Pakistan Super League 2020 season 5 highlights there will be all the tournament matches select your favorite one and cheer up.

PSL 5 Schedule

Get the Schedule of HBL Pakistan super league 2020 Season 5 here.the schedule will be shared soon with you. This tournament fully will be organized in the home country Pakistan and four cities that are big cities of Pakistan Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi. These cities will host the PSL 5 matches.the time and date of all matches of the tournament with their location and teams will be given soon.

The tournament of PSL 5 will start with an opening ceremony at an exact time that will be mentioned on the schedule. The Opening ceremony will be conducted in the National Stadium Karachi, and final in the Qadaffi Stadium Lahore, and other matches will take place in Multan Cricket Stadium and Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. The PSL 4 was organized in the UAE, and then the last eight matches were played in the National Stadium Karachi.

PSL 5 Schedule

PSL 5 Schedule 2020

To enhance and promote the Cricket and for the backing of International Cricket in the home country, the whole tournament will be conducted in Pakistan. In this way, it will lead the cricket way towards the bright end. The latest schedule of 2020 PSL 5 will be shared here for you can quickly come to know the exact timing and date of the cricket game.

Psl points table 2020

The points table shows the overall performance of all the teams. At a place, you can quickly come to know the matches lost, win, tie and net run rate, etc. Points table is shown in the columns and rows wherein rows the team names are mentioned, and the column shows the different points. M indicates the Matches played, W matches won, T shows the number of tie matches, L number of matches lost. Where N/R are matches abandoned, PT number of points awarded.

And NRR represents the net run rate on the points table.just on looking at the points table, and you can come to know the performance of your favorite team and next performances of the team you supporting.of a match, there are overall two scores. And fully two scores are given to the winning team, and zero for the team that lost match.and the game without any end will result in a single point to each team.

So check the point table and keep visiting this webpage for updated quality points of your favorite team of PSL season 5.and it also shows the upcoming condition of your team.the team with most lost matches will have fewer points and vice versa. In case the two teams have the same number of matches won, the decision will be made on the NRR.and team with high Net Run Rate will go forward for further proceeding of the tournament.

PSL Tickets 2020

If you are interested in the 2020 HBL Pakistan super league 2020, then you need to reserve your seat for enjoying the match in the cricket ground. Hurry and book your tickets now for the PSL 5. As the venue is selected, your tickets will be available for sale. That you can buy from different retailers by visiting them physically .you can enjoy the cricket match by buying the tickets can purchase your PSL 5 ticket from in Pakistan as it is hoped that the whole tournament will be played in Pakistan.

Different tickets for specific matches will be available at various prices. You get the 2020 PSL ticket in range of rupees 500 to 3000 before the finals in the 1st leg and get the tickets in the range of 500 to 8000 in the 2nd leg of Pakistan Super league 2020 season 5. General Enclosure, first-class, premium class, and VIP tickets are available according to someone’s taste, and get these tickets from 1000 to 12,000Rs. There are also some terms and conditions for the PSL tickets.

psl 5 Infographic

psl 5 Infographic

As you can buy only five tickets on an Id card and details provided should synchronize with it. it is verified at the time of delivery, you get your PSL ticket via TCS express center. After you buy the ticket once these are not refundable. So make yourself ready for the PSL 5 tournament tickets will be available to purchase.then don’t delay to buy the tickets.otherwise after filling the stadium you will miss the match. All the details about the tickets, its availability on different retailers, and online purchasing are shared with you that you can get at the time of purchasing a ticket.

PSL Season 5 Song

Every year a song is released for adding a thrill to the PSL 5 tournament. And this song fills the excitement in the audience, and they enjoy more. So the PSL season 5 song 2020 is going to release, and a lot of people are anxious about the upcoming PSL song. For listening to the PSL song visit, our website, or search it on youtube. You can also download the song of HBL Pakistan Super League 2020 here.

During the whole, the duration of the tournament this song remain hit and keep playing everywhere. Every year the PSL song that is released appreciated by the for more updates stay tuned, and alert to get the latest information about the upcoming news about the PSL 5. In except before the opening ceremony of a PSL cricket tournament, each franchise of the PSL 5 starts launching their songs.

Tayyar Ho | Official Anthem | HBL Pakistan Super League 2020

That is sung by the different popular singers.  The songs for the teams are to support and to make them feel energetic.these songs are admired most by the audience supporting any specific team of HBL Pakistan Super league 2020. So get ready for the PSL song of season 5 of 2020 and listen and download the song from here.

PSL Fixtures 2020

Pakistan series league is held every by the HBL. After the four series of successful tournaments now 5th series is going to be taken place this in will be season 5 of is comprised of 6 teams, and national and international players are part of these teams. The whole tournament is containing the 34 matches among these si teams.there will be a single or double match within a day that will be played between two PSL teams.

Either it can be between Lahore qalandar and Karachi kings or Peshawar zalmi and Multan Sultans. All about the match fixtures will be informed you latter after its decision.2 matches will be played between the same teams in the whole tournament. After it, semi-final and final matches of PSL 5 will start that will base totally on the NRR and total points of every team.

Each losing team will disqualify, and at last, a team will win.So if you are in curiosity about the PSL season 5 match fixtures stay connected with us, we share all about PSL on our website for your comfort so you can get full information about PSL 5 at a place with a single click only. 

PSL final 2020

To enhance the cricket in Pakistan and for the back up of International cricket in Pakistan HBL, Pakistan Super League 2020 is playing a critical role. In this effort, the 5th series of PSL cricket is going to start. The match will be played between the two different teams from the six franchises of PSL.match will be played at specifies stadium at a very accurate time and is hoped that all the PSL tournament will be conducted in the home country Pakistan. Every game ends with a single winner.

So every year after a series of average 30 matches at last a winner left. Who won and enjoyed the real charm of the very 1st league of the PSL sponsorship by the Habib Bank Limited, Islamabad was the winner and defeated the Quetta Gladiators with eight wickets.  The winner of PSL 2 was Peshawar Zalmi, they beat the Quetta Gladiators and became the champions.

PSL final 2020

PSL 5 final live

Islamabad United once again was titled the champion name and won the match. In 2019 Psl season 4 was organized whose winner was Quetta Gladiators. Now everyone is excitedly waiting for the PSL season 5 of 2020.people fully support a team and cheer up them by gathering and watching the live streamings and going to the stadiums.S get all the result related information of all the conducted series of PSL and upcoming seasons.

PSL News 2020

Season 5 of the HBL Pakistan Super League 2020 is going to start, and Audience is excited about it. In days of the match, other news of great curiosity also spreads. As which players are included in their favorite team? Who won the yesterday match? And who was the highest-paid player?

And except the news about which players are excited are Which team will qualify?  Who will be champion of PSL final and much more? All the news from the starting to the final announcement of a champion every news can get from here. The number of the teams, players added to them the number of matches in the tournament, match fixtures of PSL, winner of the day, the team entering the semi-final and final phase.get the news about the PSL tickets venue and date and time of cricket match.

Stay connected with us for the latest information about the HBL Pakistan Super League 2020 season 5. All the Alerts related to the PSL season 5 will be shared here that you can come to know only with a single click and get information all about PSL.So search PSL news 2020 and get your desired results and also share it with your friends

PSL 5 today match

Pakistan Super League 2020 is probably going to take place from February to March. The whole schedule is yet to manage, and fixtures will be announced soon. There will be about 34 matches of PSL season 5 in 2020. Six teams that are controlled by the different investors will compete with each other, and a point table will be formed. 

The winning team will score most and will enter into the next phase toward the final of the tournament. In the end, the Pakistan Super League 2020 will end only with a single team that will be the champion of the whole PSL tournament.before it there will be the series of matches that will surely be played between the two different PSL teams. The schedule of the match fixture will be displayed first according to which match will be played.

Each team will continue to play with another team twice in a tournament.So every day, you will be able to get the information about the matches. So come here on our website and get information about the PSL today match. And get all the details. So you can also search the teams of the previous team, today team, and upcoming match can get information about the teams playing the match today with a single click.

PTV Sports live PSL

You can watch the live streaming of the upcoming HBL Pakistan Super League 2020 five on the tv of the most famous sports channel in Pakistan is PTV Sports.that shows the live matches and highlights can watch the PSL 5 easily on this sports channel. It started working from January 2012 and the center of great attraction for the sports enthusiasts.

PTV also shows the football, hockey, squash, tennis, and Olympics live on TV Channel. And facilitate sports lovers with all the live sports games and keep updated with current sports-related news.  So for watching the PSL 2020 season, five comforts yourself with the services of PTV Sports.

Geo Sports Live PSL

PSL is playing a role in promoting international cricket in Pakistan. People become excited about watching cricket matches. Not all people can reserve their seats in the stadium. So sports channels are there to facilitate you with all live coverages of Cricket and other is one of the most viewed sports channels.

It works a full day to provide you live streamings. Geo super was launched in 2007 and belongs to the Independent Media Corporation, the owner of the Jhang group of news was started by the geo television network. Legally it is available in Pakistan only. So entertain yourself with the matches of PSL season 5 of 2020 live on the Geo Super channel. And don’t miss any game and amuse yourself within the home.

TEN Sports PSL live streaming

In Pakistan PTV Sports, Geo Super is the best sports tv channel, including Ten Sports. If you are in Pakistan and are in full swings for the live streaming of PSL 5, then ten sports are here to get access to the live broadcasting of the PSL match. Now it has made it easy to watch cricket, including other sports.

TEN Sports is a Pakistani TV channel and is a part of the Sony television network that is owned by Sony Corporation telecasts the live sports tournaments mainly in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

psl live goonj

psl live goonj primary focus is mainly on telecasting the cricket matches. And it shows the live broadcasting of ICC world cup, PSL, and many other tournaments. Pakistani cricket fans are so excited about the PSL matches.  The wait is going to over, and PSL season 5 is going to start in February 2020. Get ready for the tournament of PSL that will be played hopefully in different cities of Pakistan.

Sony LIV PSL Match

Sony LIV is one of the sports channels that shows the live streaming of matches on their channel. Sony LIV is also a leading channel broadcasting the cricket and other games like football, and hockey shows its telecasting in Pakistan and the PSL 5 is coming, and people are happy and excited about this T20 cricket tournament. Now you can watch the live telecasting of the PSL match while sitting in your home.

CricHD live psl

So enjoy the availability of the channels and amuse yourself with the amazing cricket tournament of PSL matches. CricHD live psl is offering its services. it shows you all the live matches,  highlights, latest news, and much more about cricket and other has now also been transferring to other neighboring countries. You can enjoy the live broadcasting of Habib Bank Limited PSL cricket match 2020.

Dialog TV PSL live

If you are interested in Pakistan Super League 2020 season 5. Then many Tv channels show the live streaming of PSL.not only in Pakistan, but even in foreign countries PSL is liked and watched. So many foreign TV channels telecast the live Pakistan super league 2020.

From these channels, one is the Dialog Tv that shows the live streaming of PSL in Sri Lanka. Now being even in a foreign country, you can enjoy the PSL cricket tournament. By the Name of CBNsat, it was launched in 2005, but since 2007 it was named Dialog is directly satellite control based TV Channel and available in Sri Lanka and Nepal. So all the cricket lovers become happy as PSL is starting and bringing many entertainment and curiosity for you people.

eLife TV live PSL

Now In UAE, you can watch the PSL series of season 5.eLife TV shows the live streaming of PSL matches that you can enjoy. Every year eLife telecast the PSL whole tournament, and people in large numbers watch and like it. So now, most people are anxious about PSL upcoming season 5 and searching the news about the starting of PSL,  team formation, and match fixtures. That all information will be available here after a few days.

As in last years, the PSL was conducted in UAE. But, there was the absence of a lot of audiences in stadiums. So PSL is going to shift in Pakistan that will add a thrill in Pakistan and Pakistanis. So eLife tv will broadcast the PSL series that you can watch on your TV in the UAE.

Willow TV live psl

Willow the 27th of August is an American TV channel totally devoted to Cricket. Willow TV channels show its live streaming of cricket matches in the USA and Canada. It was launched in the United States in 2010 on the 27th of August While it was launched in Canada on the 14th of May 2019. It shows the live streaming, highlights and other ola, and new tournaments and gives much more information about the Cricket.

Willow TV live psl

Willow TV live psl 2020

It telecast the many Cricket events happening in the world. After the cricket matches of the USA, it also shows the ICC cricket world cup and many other ICC matches, including the PSL.

cricketgateway psl

cricketgateway psl is pakistani website. Pakistan Super League 2020 has its own different charm and is played between the Pakistani Players, including the foreigners. In 2020 it will be the 5th series of the Pakistan super league can watch the PSL in the USA and Canada via cricketgateway psl TV Channel. So get connected with us for further details and updates about the PSL and its live streaming.

Flow Sports PSL live streaming

PSL 5 is a Pakistani cricket series played from 2016, and now PSL 5 is going to conduct at the start of 2020. As cricket is loved by most people. So its live streaming is shown in many countries. In except to Pakistan, you can watch the live telecasting of Pakistan super league 2020 season 5 in the USA, Canda, India, Sri Lanka, UAE, and many other countries through different channels.

CricVid live psl

You can watch all the live matches of the PSL tournament and its highlights on the CricVid live psl. Many other sites have been added to the PSL from many respective years. So it is also telecasted in all world.  The cricket lovers watch t with great enthusiasm and arrange a gathering to make the Cricket match of PSL rememberable.

cricingif psl

If you find any difficulty, you can also watch the live streaming via other websites that show the live Cricket matches of the PSL and will also telecast the Pakistan super league 2020. Watch the cricingif psl for the PSL 2020 season 5 that will be very excited and hopefully more than the last four wonderful experiences of PSL cricket tournaments.

Live PSL on Gazi TV

Gazi Tv is a television channel in Bangladesh. It shows its telecasting in the Bengali Language.gazi TV officially is known as the GTV .it was launched on 12 June 2012 and started working and get great popularity among the viewers. It shows a variety of things like dramas, news, talk shows, Cricket Matches, and other Sports games.

MobileCric live psl

MobileCric live psl also telecast the live PSL matches in Bangladesh that you can watch just having a GTV in the cable network. PSL is also popular among the other countries other than Pakistan. PSL is going to be taken place from February to March that you can watch on the MobileCric live psl(GTV). Keep visiting this website as we will share more information for cricket lovers.

SuperSport Live PSL

Get the live coverages of the Pakitan super league in different countries through various TV channels. AS PSL is going to start people are excited about it and search and ask most about its live streaming, so the all information about its live streaming is shared can watch the PSL live while sitting in South Africa Via SuperSport Tv channel that shows the live and old cricket tournaments.Also watch the PSL live on Yupp TV in the South Asia.

Some other Channels for Psl Live Streaming:

  • MyLiveCricket live psl
  • WatchCric live psl
  • Supersport live psl
  • Smartcric live psl
  • Sky Sports live psl
  • Star Times live psl
  • Moby liv psl

These channels will also broadcast Pakistan Super League 2020.

People also ask FAQs

Is PSL a success?

Success of psl… Most of people in world ask this question Is PSL a success? Psl 5 has only 6 teams like

Pakistan Super League 2020 (Psl 5)
Pakistan Super League 2020 (Psl 5) 1

Pakistan Cricket Board founded PSL  (Pakistan super league 2020) on 9 September 2015 in Lahore. PSL is a twenty20 cricket league that starts operating with


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Address: Sharjah Stadium, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Pakistan, , Dubai

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End Date: 2020-03-23 21:00

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