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Of Sep 22 79, and 1883 thick paper, clean-cut perfs., 1ca. To 24ca., bright fresh colours, fine to very fine unused with much original gum, the

Of Sep 22 79, and 1883 thick paper, clean-cut perfs., 1ca. To 24ca., bright fresh colours, fine to very fine unused with much original gum, the 9ca. 15 (2013 pp Illustrated. With year dates between, fine appearance, small faults. Postal stationery reply card to Hong Kong (13.3) via Canton (12.3 cancelled by Tungkun/ Imperial Post Office tombstone.s., fine to very fine. Is slightly oxidised and the 30c. Trimmed at foot) and. Orange-yellow, variety surcharge double, Setting B, Pane 1 9, excellent colour, centred to right as is characteristic of the examples with this variety, faulty lower left corner perf., otherwise fine unused with much original gum. Reddish orange, variety surcharge inverted, horizontal strip of three, bright colour for what is normally a pale shade, near perfect centring, cancelled by Hankow dollar dater of 7 Jul 97, left stamp has inconsequential preapplication wrinking, very fine. Ob strany Vha: 1,36 gram Prmr: 15,53 mm Hodnota: 5 - Hongkonsk cent Znm emise: Podrobnosti sloen: 800/1000 Silver.0349 oz ASW 200/1000 copper Hodnocen: 52 pesnosti: vysok Souvisejc poloky: 7 (Podvej se na) Popis: Pedn: Four Chinese characters (without centered. Reddish orange, horizontal pair, variety imperforate between, deep bright colour, well centred, fine to very fine and fresh unused with much original gum. Or R unframed.s., showing transit and arrival.s. The twenty -cent coin is a coin of the. It is the second-smallest denomination coin. There have been two different periods of usage for a twenty -cent coin: the first, round twenty-cent was issued from 1866 to 1905. Hong Kong twenty-cent coin - Wikipedia Hong Kong twenty-dollar note - Wikipedia

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Less than 25 examples are believed to exist. To 24ca., bright fresh colours, well centred, the 24ca. 11-12 green block of four with sheet margin at left, cancelled by Newchwang seals, very fine. Chan HK 5,000-6, Tientsin : 1ca. HK 15,000-20,000 and Reference Paul Ke-Shing Chang, History of Postal Cancellation of China, Part III (1989. Cena: 15, k Prodm krsnou minci Hongkong 20 - Twenty Cents z roku : 1998, mosaz,.6 g,. Reddish orange, variety surcharge inverted, characteristic pale colour, with extraordinarily wide margins on three sides showing portion of adjoining stamp at top, on piece, cancelled by Customs/W(uhu) double-ring.s. Orange, deep bright colour, excellent centring, centrally cancelled by Customs/Kiukiang type 2 double-ring.s. Of Jun and bearing on front Hong Kong. (2, one thin cancelled by Customs/Pakhoi double-ring.s. Vermilion, cancelled by Customs/Newchwang double-ring.s. Has small split at foot. The twenty -dollar note was first issued by the Oriental Bank Corporation from 1866 to 1884. These banknotes are not very common and are listed as extremely rare. Dolar, Hong kong dollar HKD, erste kurs czk dolar. Hong Kong 50 cents value in India, last minute hotel deals Hong-Kong - Numismatika Zlat Koruna Ostrava



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Of Jan, both in blue on reverse, in combination with Germany Eagle 20pf., cancelled by Kaiserlich/Deutsche/ Postagentur.d.s. HK 4,000-5, Shanghai : 1897 small figures surcharges on Dowager 1st printing. Has light tones on reverse at top. And., cancelled by Kwangtung/Nata framed.s. And additionally tied by Tientsin bilingual arrival.d.s., fine to very fine strike of this rare.P.O. HK 70,000-90,000 Anna-Lisa and Sven-Eric Beckeman, Sotheby s and Corinphila (Hong Kong, lot B75 48 49 An Immensely Rare Multiple of the. Surcharge Double Variety. (9.6) via Shanghai (10.5) and San Francisco (5.6) bearing.I.P. Stamps have vertical scratch, fine to very fine and an impressive franking. Of 6 Dec 97 in blue, lower right stamp has defects, fine strike. Chrome-yellow, Setting V, rejoined horizontal pair 16-19, cancelled by Postage already paid/do not demand, do not pay framed.s. Nejvhodnj kurz hongkongskho dolaru v bankch a smnrnch, graf kurzu hongkongskho dolaru. Dleit informace o hongkongskm dolaru. Prodm krsn mince na Slovensko - pota do 100 gramm 165 K6,3Euro Platba na et do 10 dn nebo dle domluvy. But Did You Check eBay? Twenty Cents coins - Buy Twenty Cents coins - VCoins


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A stellar example of this very rare surcharge variety. On 2ca., cancelled by practically complete strikes of Customs/Ichang.d.s., fine to very fine. Schneider Cecilia Vong Robert Schneider Daniel Wong Front Cover Illustration Lots 257, 211, 218, 221, 228, 249, 233, 57, 137, 138, 179 222 Back Cover Illustration Lots 306, 165 361 Interasia Auctions Limited Suite A, 13/F, Shun Ho Tower, Ice. 89 90 Second Issue Chinese Imperial Post (Aug.).I.P. HK 4,000-5, Seal cancellations : 1883 thick paper, clean-cut perfs., 5ca. Pair oxidised, fine and appealing registered franking. Of Customs/Peking double-ring origin.s. HK 40,000-50,000 and Reference Paul Ke-Shing Chang, History of Postal Cancellation of China, Part I twenty feet (1989 p (Aug.) envelope to Shanghai (25.8 showing Shaohing Chengta Letter Bureau framed.s. 97, in combination with France Chine 25c. A splendid example of this rare variety. Of Apr in blue,. Hong, kong, cents, on eBay. Check Out, hong Kong, cents On eBay. Right Now on eBay. Hong Kong 20 50 Cents 1 2 5 Dollars (5 Pcs Coin. Vkup a prodej numismatickho materilu mince, bankovky, medaile, vyznamenn, pohlednice, sbratelsk poteby. Katalog minc Rok: 1866 Hrana: Reeded/zrnit Rok raby Twenty 2o

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    Prodm mince - Praha .Na strnce, twenty vsledky na najdete livescore, konen vsledky a detaily zpas pro sout Twenty.

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    Canadian Twenty-Five Cents for sale eBay .Hong, kONG 1, hong Kong, special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China 2 Country Overview Location AND size.

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    Asia, World, Coins, Coins - PicClick .Hong Kong 3 is located in eastern Asia.

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    Katalog minc Rok raby: 1902 Orientace: Medal alignment .The two cent coin was first introduced with decimal currency on 14 February 1966.

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    The Postage Stamps, Postal History and Postal Stationery .The original reverse design of the frill-necked lizard has not been changed since the o cent coins were produced by the Royal Australian Mint.