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I digress, after the workout, my body was tired. . Because I knew Id drop from insurance, I scheduled a doctors appointment, being the almost-adult

I digress, after the workout, my body was tired. . Because I knew Id drop from insurance, I scheduled a doctors appointment, being the almost-adult I was. I hadnt played in last year in my twenties quotes close to a year so the anticipation was palpable. To add insult to injury, twenty-six means no longer being insured. . Instead of loosening things up, or making it feel better, my leg only got tighter, and I only got more stubborn. . At its apex, I couldnt lean down to pick up things, I was holding my arm against my stomach because any shoulder movement caused severe discomfort. It was at this appointment I got treatment for my wrist, various creams and splints to put on my wrist in an effort to heal. . I tweaked my back. The next morning I woke up and, unsurprisingly, was sore. . Perhaps I should have heeded his warning instead of blindly doing the same thing Ive always done and expect to never slow down. That injury lasted even longer, and moved its way across my shoulder and torso. . Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear. Today is my birthday! It is also, if you write it the right way, a palindrome: 01-11-10. (Hat tip: Mike Adams.). Twenty -five was a very good year. I started out with a lot of goals and actually made. Twenty-Six Mrs Ruth Adams

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Hold fast friends, because this sad story is not over. . To reiterate, twenty-five has been great. . In some ways the curse or fortune my friend bestowed upon me should be seen as a blessing. . And again, I had no good story. . (and the little munchkin after her eight hour flightalways the trooper!). I pushed my body to its limits that day. . We broke up in a circle and began to toss the disk. . Im sure my body has not plateaued and ever year wont be as stricken with injuries as this year was. . I have to be careful, for Im not indestructible. Now there will forever be a part of my mind that wonders if I can take it, that wonders if Im about to push myself too far. I cant base my diet solely on the variety of animals I want to eat that day. On Friday I celebrated a birthday and had such a wonderful day! I feel a bit more inspired to do them around my birthday if Im feeling lazy the first two kylie twenty matte lipstick weeks of the year since my birthday is so close Do you see any goals we may both have in common? Hello from the Windy City! Thought I would try and update you with a few snaps from my phone of our first week in Chicago, a birthday celebration and the new pad! Following on from my previous posts for my twenty -third, twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth birthdays, here is my recap of my twenty-sixth year on Earth. In the last year, I have: lived in York, UK for 1 yearran a 19:13 5km at Parkrunvisited. Twenty-Six - mark satin is a photographer Twenty-Six: Reflect, Remove, Revise A Birthday Post



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It happened when I lifted my arm to serve the ball. Dave setup a shuttle to take people to the top. We went on a roadtrip through several national parks: Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone. I learned its called pulling a muscle (did I say that right?). . Anything better than what I had would have been ok with. Our body is frail yet it is resilient. . Where we are easily injured we are also carefully mended. . As I talked to my tables, took orders or listened to questions, I massaged my wrists. . I thought nothing. . Two cups of fruit. . I held the ball in my left hand and lifted it up in the air, poised and ready to strike and thus injured myself. . I do love the feeling of being sore, its the bodys way of saying you did something. . Last weekend, I had a birthday. I turned twenty - six years of age, thus marking the steady advance into my late twenties. Its been a good year, I have little complaints overall and its be rather. Twenty Six Klipart 551 Twenty Six Vektory Fotosearch Twenty Sixty SIX lak twenty eight song download AND then discography and reviews


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When I was in elementary school, every summer seemed to last forever, and I even had time to get bored. . Thought I would try and update you with a few snaps from my phone of our first week in Chicago, a birthday celebration and the new pad! Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. I hadnt even touched the ball when my body went all, Nope on me and twisted itself out of shape. I should have listened to my bodys warnings but twenty-five years of experience had spoiled. . I know tears are welling up in your eyes; you scream injustice and shake your fists at fate. . Im not sure if you read that correctly, so let me break it down even more: in the process of getting ready to serve a ball. Again, I saw the disappointment in their eyes as I told them I tweaked my back lifting my arm in a way my body wasnt ready for. I had to get at least twelve people to show, I purchased a couple of disks (online because Ashland literally contains zero official size and weight disks cones, and found a location late twenties crisis to play the sport. . I wish I could tell them I blew a tire and ran off the side of a precipice. . Thats not the point Im trying to make. . It seems my body wasnt done making up for lost time and wanted to invoke the roll-over injury clause and bring it into my twenty-sixth year. Growing up I was never really too fond of ageing. With every year that passed I stressed about things that I didnt get to accomplish rather than the ones. These gatherings were just two of many that occurred across the country in honor of what should have been Breonna's twenty -seventh birthday. Twenty-Six Angels / Nejlevnj knihy One Hundred Duffle Bags Redbubble Twenty-seven (a birthday post) - Andrea DeVries Hello my twenties couples

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    Cheers To 26 Sacramento Mall Years Cake Old Twenty-Six Cak .I rewrote this post about twenty -something times now.

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    Two Sided Rubber Ducky - Happy Birthday Ed Norris .I typed, typed, typed my little heart out and at 1,429 words, I read it over, contemplated on publishing it, and ended up nixing half.

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    Birthday Number 26 - Born On The 26th Day Of The Month .Hello twenty - six, it is a pleasure meeting you!

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    Ice Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Sparkles for All .It is 11:55 pm and I have decided to write this post since sleep is here playing hide and seek with.